OIT Begins! Day 1

So months of reading, discussing and praying culminate today as we begin.  We aren't talking about it anymore, we are doing it!  We are ready!  Well, I will say that Chloe is ready because as a Mom I am a little nervous and anxious.  Not about day one as much as how life is going to change.  We have to plan life around the peanut dose, observe a rest period and hopefully minimize the amount of illness so as not to interfere with this therapy.  Also, you never know if/when they can have difficulty with the dose or even a reaction.  Is it just a sore throat she is complaining of or is her throat closing...yeah, that type of thing worries me. The payoff is worth it though!

Tree Nut Challenge Day

The doctor assured me when we scheduled the tree nut challenge that he fully expects Chloe to pass this because she showed no skin reaction and the IgE levels were so low for these nuts.  Knowing all this, I was surprised how much anxiety kicked in for me this morning.  I think the nerves had more to do with whether or not Chloe would cooperatively eat nuts.  NUTS!  We have avoided these with a passion for as long as she can remember.  The girl prompts me to read packages to make sure there aren't nuts in things that she eats on a regular basis.  She has been so responsible with her allergy so I didn't know what to expect when we presented her with nuts.  Not to mention she is terrible at taking medicine (gag reflex).  The beginning doses start with a liquid in a syringe.  She's also so picky and hates to try new things.

Good news, Test Results and Confusion

The doctor called today with good news!  Chloe's IgE level for peanuts is now a 37 which is down from a level of 59.4 that was tested two years ago and a level of 69 a year prior to that.  This is good news because she is now classified as a Level 4 rather than a Level 5.  My first thought is perhaps she is outgrowing this allergy, but who knows? But my immediate question to the doctor was "does this mean that OIT carries less risk?" and his answer was yes!  Don't get me wrong, a level 4 means that she can still have serious reactions but from what I understand a level 4 is a little less likely to react that a level 5.  With OIT being such a scary thing for a mom to volunteer her child to do, a little hope feels like a huge thing!  Her component test that he ordered, which would give more information, was not done for some reason.  But we are going on without having her stuck again.

Making a Decision

Food allergies suck! There is no polite way to say it. One would think that life gets easier as the child gets older, but it's really quite the opposite.  We have been dealing with Chloe's peanut allergy since she was 18 months old.  Constant control of her environment has kept the risks to a minimum.  Those who know me in real life, know that I am not a risk taker and tend to be somewhat overprotective of my children.  Well, add on a life threatening food allergy and I'd just like to keep her in a bubble.  You see, it's such a strange way of life.