Updose #2, a Hive and a Lost Tooth

With the skin issues we had after the last updose, I decided it would be best to ask Chloe's doctor whether or not we should double her dose at this appointment.  He was very willing to baby step but also said that this isn't as concerning as it would be if she had not had skin issues all her life.  So he gave us a solution that is double the strength (as planned) but instructed us to begin with a smaller dose then usual and work up to the full dose in a few days. I was happy we had a good plan and that he addressed my concerns.

Little Bumps Along the Way (Literally)

It's been good, but not perfect. I've mentioned in a previous post that we watch for any little symptom because anaphylaxis can happen quickly.  There's also more common symptoms with kids on OIT that aren't anything more than that - simply a symptom.

Updose #1

Today was Chloe's first updose appointment.  Basically, that means she went in to take the first dose of her new solution, which contains more peanut flour then what she's been taking.  We will take this bottle for two weeks and get another solution with more peanut flour next time.  Make sense?

So today we doubled!  Now, we are still talking about a tiny fraction of a peanut.  I will refrain from putting out exact numbers so someone doesn't decide to try this at home.  I can't imagine someone trying to do that but just to be safe I'm not going to post a how to manual.

Week 1 Update

Today marks the beginning of week two on OIT so we have one full week under our belt.  I have to say that it seemed like a long week.  We have dosed about the same time every day with no issues to report at all!  Chloe takes it with no complaint, but this solution doesn't have a lot of peanut flour in it.  Since things have been going so well, I am keeping it very routine.  The observation period is probably the most annoying part for Chloe.  The frequency of my probing questions - are you itching, do you feel fine, notice anything strange - is apparently annoying.  I am trying to be less verbal and let her forget about it, but I still watch her like a hawk though.  Her eczema has been flaring slightly on her neck so I make a mental note of what it looks like before we dose so that I don't freak and think it's a hive.  It's getting easier not to question her as the days add up with no issues.

Feeling so thankful that it is as boring as we had hoped so far!  First updose happens next week! 

I also wanted to share a video that gives a little insight as to why a family like ours would choose OIT.  The first couple of minutes show what life is like living with a food allergy and all the fears that go along with it.  While this video doesn't get into OIT, which can be somewhat of a polarizing issue among food allergy families, it does show that there is hope.  Even when Chloe completes OIT she will still be allergic and must carry an Epipen.