Updose #4, Update and Looking Ahead

Happy to report that updose #4 went well.  We could have made a bigger increase but we chose to increase it only 12.5 mg.  The doctor even joked with me about how I am.  He knows that "slow and steady" is fine with us and totally respects that.  Have I mentioned already how much we love Chloe's doctor?

Updose #3

This is the biggest jump in dosage for Chloe, which had me a bit nervous.  Chloe's skin is doing really well right now.  There are no signs of eczema flaring, or any weird hives/rash, so that made me feel much more at ease about updosing.  Her cheeks were a little flushed this morning prior to dosing but we think that might have been due to getting warm on the car ride there.

Anxiety and Hope

This post was written a few weeks ago and I've just now decided to make it public...see below.
I'd like to preface this post by saying that the main purpose of this blog is to serve as a memoir of Chloe's progress with OIT.  Having said that, it's also nice to think that our blog might offer someone else contemplating this therapy an insight into one person's experience.  What I've learned from my reading is that the experience can differ vastly from person to person.  Some sail right through and others hit lots of bumps along the way.