Updose #6 - Last Liquid Updose!!!!

Yesterday marked 3 months of OIT.  This is a great appointment because Chloe is reaching a little milestone - the last liquid updose!  The next time she is here she will be getting little pieces of a peanut.  She is happy to know that the days of peanut flour and water are close to an end.  Dr. Agrawal told us that it will go much faster after she begins real peanuts.  There's no guarantee of a timeline, but if everything goes well she could be in maintenance by Oct/Nov.  I try not to look ahead too far and just focus on where we are currently.

Updose #5 & Some Skin Testing

I knew we had to discuss Chloe's skin before updosing today.  She has been getting a few random hives almost everyday.  We began to worry that it might be related to our dog.  The doctor wanted to do some skin testing for dog, cat and indoor allergens.  Good news is she tested negative to everything except one.  And thankfully - it wasn't dog!  It was cat.  Which isn't a big deal for us because we don't have a cat, although we had been talking about getting one.  I'm so glad we found out now. Photo below showing that she isn't a fan of skin testing, but she handled it in good spirits.  She had us all laughing with her facial expressions.