Rashy Cheeks and Eczema

Chloe updosed yesterday (Tuesday) and everything was great.  No random hive or anything strange.  She did have some rosy cheeks before we went to the appointment.  I think this was from being in the sun at the zoo the day before and also due to the sunscreen, which sometimes irritates her skin.

When she woke up on Wednesday, I was surprised to see a slight rash on her cheek, as well as a full eczema outbreak around her eyes.  This is not simply flaky dry skin.  This happens

Updose #8 for Chloe and some testing for Mom

A big jump for today (biggest so far)!  From 150 mg to 225 mg.  The appointment went great for Chloe.  No issues whatsoever.  It's a wonderful thing to come to an uneventful, mundane updose appointment!

However, it wasn't so uneventful for me...I had some skin testing done for the first time ever!

I had a bad reaction to some shrimp over 10 years ago and have since avoided all seafood.  After terrible hives and itching throat, I just felt that was enough to realize I was allergic. I'd never actually been to an allergist for myself.  But after having Chloe under the care of Dr. Agrawal, he encouraged me to do some testing and see if I was really allergic to shrimp!  And guess what....I'm not!  I did find out that I'm allergic to grasses.  My skin test was on Tuesday and I was still itching terribly almost 48 hours after.  Now I know why I think bugs are attacking my feet and ankles when I'm outside but never see bites...it's the grass pollen!  The skin testing is really not bad!  I'm thankful to have an OIT doctor who will help the entire family! 

Updose #7 - Real Peanut!

It took 116 doses of peanut flour and water to get to this appointment!  But here we are, well on our way on this path, and here at this milestone.  Other than Chloe's liquid doses in OIT, the last time she had any peanut product was the day she had her initial reaction.  March 4, 2009, to be exact.  She was 16 months old.  It was just a tiny amount of peanut butter on a Ritz cracker.  But let's get back to the present...Chloe's first dose of actual peanut.  The piece is a little smaller than 1/4 of a peanut.