Updose #10 & Insurance Issues

This post is the best kind...it could just be blank because the updose was so uneventful.  Or I could say it went awesome.  Both would be synonymous! Chloe went up to 550 mg., which is officially about half a peanut, but I'm finding it a bit more than a half.  She had no issues.  We met another OIT patient who travels from South Carolina and he is two updoses ahead of Chloe.  It was really nice to chat with another OIT mom...I probably talked her ear off!

We spoke to Dr. Agrawal more about cross contamination.  We also talked about the possibility of our insurance company not having him in our network anymore (which means they will no longer cover this treatment).  Dr. Agrawal emphasized that he is open to working something out and asked us not to panic over this.  So we are patiently waiting to see how this insurance agreement works out, but I'm not panicking!  It will be okay!

Update and Small Updose at Home

I am feeling so blessed that we had a great week after updosing last week.  She didn't have any skin issues at all!  Some weeks are just smooth sailing and some....not so much.  But as I have said from the beginning of this - we take it one day at a time.  That's the best advice I could give to a parent contemplating OIT.  It's amazing and it works, but it's not always easy.

At the last updose, the doctor instructed us to increase Chloe's dose to 400 mg. after a week, so that is what we did today!  Everything went well today!  While I measured out the remaining doses for the week, I kept running into several peanut halves that were too small for her dose.  So crazy!  If you had asked me last summer if I would be feeding Chloe peanut halves, I would have thought you were insane!  What a difference a year makes!  I didn't even know OIT existed last summer and now I tell everyone I can.  If you know someone with a food allergy, please tell them about OIT.  They may balk and say their child is "too allergic".  Ask them to investigate.  It's not for everyone, but I believe every parent of a food allergic child should at least look at their options.  Each family is going to have their own circumstances and reach their own conclusions.

Note: we still haven't tried anything new, but we did incorporate store-bought ice cream back into Chloe's diet.  We had avoided due to cross contamination of the machinery making other flavors.  So she enjoyed a homemade sundae this weekend!

Updose #9 - Cleared for Cross Contamination

Today Chloe went from 250 mg to 350 mg at her updose appointment.  She had a lot of eczema on her arms and we had forgotten her cream.  Luckily, Dr. Agrawal had some and applied it to her itchy spots.  This is par for the course for summer and her skin.  It's not a great combination. Other than that, she was all good.  We have been so fortunate to not have any gastro issues whatsoever.  So this should be the end of this blog post because we had a blissfully normal updose appointment.  But we also got some great news!