A Whole Peanut! Updose #12

What a milestone!!!  We have been waiting for this...so easy to say "I eat a whole peanut every day". We had to tell the doctor that Chloe has had an itchy lip about three times while dosing at home.  Each time it went away quickly while drinking water and she took an antihistamine just to be safe.  Technically, her updose went to 1000mg, which is the average sized peanut.  Her updose today was a peanut that weighted 1026mg.  We are safe to go up to one as large as 1040mg. 

Updose #11

Today was a great updose appointment.  It was so nice to report to Dr. Agrawal that Chloe's skin has been doing so well.  She hasn't had any of the itchy spots or any random hives.  I firmly believe the probiotics are helping to prevent the eczema flares that she normally experiences in the hot, humid summers we have.  It's hard to believe that we have now reached some sort of comfort level that these appointments seem just like any routine doctor appointment.  She is now up to 750 mg and we will updose at home a little more per the doctor's instructions.  If all goes as planned she will be officially at a peanut (or a little more) at her next updose appointment.  So thankful that everything is going smoothly and she is moving right along!  Below, Chloe in the waiting room, playing with her ever growing Barbie collection.