Updose #14 and Update

What a blessing to say that we had another wonderful updose appointment today.  Chloe went up to 1900 mg with a plan to move up at home in a week to 2000 mg. (which is basically 2 whole peanuts!)  The amazement never ceases!  We also got the okay to switch to salted roasted peanuts.  Up until now it's been bland, roasted, unsalted - the plainest way to eat a peanut.  We looked at a rough outline of how we might proceed in the near future, assuming all continues to go well. I'm not rushing it and I hate to even put this out there because I don't want to jinx our progress.  I guess it's okay to have a rough outline, but I still believe in taking this one day at a time!

Update 9/1/16: Chloe stayed on 1900 mg from Tuesday until Sunday.  We tried the salted peanuts and she said they are better, but still doesn't love the taste.  We are still dosing with a few chocolate chips and she doesn't seem to mind the taste.  On Sunday we moved on to 2000 mg.  Chloe has had a hive on her chest and one on her back, along with her eczema bothering her slightly.  She's had rosy cheeks just about every afternoon. I ended up giving her Zyrtec to help her with the itching before bed one night this week...even though she is so irritable after she takes it.  I hope the skin symptoms subside over the next few days before we updose again next week!

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