Updose #15

I was a little hesitant today going in for Chloe's updose.  She woke up with a slight sore throat.  With OIT, the little things can make a parent nervous because you don't want to put too much strain on the child's system while it's working to accept the allergen. She has also been having lots of "itchy spots" as she calls them.  Basically, they are random hives, usually just small in size and have been on her extremities.  This past week she had one on her chest and one on her back. Some days she has this happen up to four or five times and then other days she doesn't have any.  With the dose getting so much larger, it just makes me wonder if we are pushing a little too hard.  But again, since these never progress or accompany any other symptoms, I think we don't really need to stress too much. The doctor checked her throat and thought it looked healthy so that wasn't an issue.

So at today's visit, we went from 2000 to 2600 mg, with the okay to up a little more at home in a few days.  Chloe seemed fine and everything was great, but I did notice that she had a small hive on her lip.  This happened once before at an updose, but we knew the liquid solution had touched her lip.  I was pretty certain today that this wasn't from contact.  It was about an inch away from her lip, but very small.  We waited to see what would happen and sure enough, after about 15 or 20 minutes, it resolved without any cream.  She did say that the spot was itchy and her lip was as well.  But thankfully, it all passed.

Update: She stayed on that dose for five days and then went up to 2700 mg at home.  She has had a few spots, but all have been small and infrequent.  I'm feeling like she is handling this dosage just fine.  She was invited to a birthday celebration this weekend.  I was able to tell the mom that Chloe could have what the other girls were having.  She and I are feeling the freedom and it's a marvelous feeling!  Chloe gets to be fully included and I get to worry less!