Updose #16

We had to cancel Chloe's last updose appointment so it has been almost a month since her last big jump. She had been on 2800 mg for two weeks prior to today's appointment.  Today she went up to 3500 mg, with instructions to go up to 3600 mg at home after several days.  It is exciting to think that she will reach maintenance in three or four more appointments if all continues to go well.  While discussing this, Chloe recently asked how long does she have to keep eating peanuts after she gets to maintenance.  I explained that, as far as we know, it will be for the rest of her life.

I am thrilled that she is eating the 3 1/2 peanuts daily without any complaint.  She still doses with chocolate chips to mask the flavor of the peanuts.  Once she reaches maintenance, she will have more options to change things up every now and then. We have refrained from changing it up yet, because everything is going so well and I am devoted to measuring it all precisely at this point.

Update 10/15: Chloe had the flu shot yesterday. There was no issue with today's dose and she is feeling perfectly normal. She has had a few itchy spots this week, but nothing of concern. We are excited to see what the dose goes up to next week!

Note: In the beginning, I refrained from including actual dose numbers in my posts because I didn't want anyone to attempt this without the supervision of a board certified allergist.  I now include our dose levels because many parents in the early days of OIT wonder how the schedule goes in the later stages. No one should ever try this at home, especially at these higher levels.  Our doctor tailors the protocol to each patient and takes their particular case into account before determining what the dose at each visit.  Chloe's path is unique to her. I just wanted to mention this since I include these details now. I also write this blog to serve as our memoir of this process.

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