I am amazed, thrilled, relieved and thankful! I'm feeling all the emotions. We began this journey with Chloe on January 25th.  She has taken a total of 309 doses each and every day to get here.  We talked on the way to her appointment that it's been a lot of peanuts, applesauce and ice water, but it's also been a lot of fun on our little family trips to the doctor office about an hour away.  It's been ridden with anxiety at times, especially in the beginning.

Updose #18 - The next to the last

Today's updose was wonderfully routine.  Chloe went up to 6 peanuts.  We had been instructed on some small updoses up at home to get her ready for this jump. So this is the next to the last updose before she reaches maintenance!  That's so unbelievable!

Everything went fine and we got her IGE blood test results.  From what I've been told, the blood level for peanuts will go up before it comes down.  Chloe's is up higher than it was when we started.  It is up to 45 from 39.  It's still lower than it was in previous years though - her highest was 68.  There is also a blood test that breaks down the test by the peanut's individual proteins to see which particular proteins the child is allergic to.  Some proteins are more often associated with anaphylaxis than others.  Chloe's numbers went down on the one that is considered the "worst" of the proteins so that is encouraging.

Several other nuts came back as slightly positive that were previously negative.  After speaking with Dr. A, he assured me that these are very low numbers and not to be worried over those. The only nut that went down was pecan.  Walnut was higher than expected as well.  So I am going to ask Dr. A to do a skin test at her next appointment.  Then he can decide if she will challenge pecan and walnut or if it's going to be another journey with OIT.  We will do whatever it takes.

I'm so thankful that Chloe has done so well.  Last Thanksgiving we had just heard of this thing called OIT.  We were asking questions, praying and trying to decide if this was something we wanted to try.  I'm so thankful that this Thanksgiving we can celebrate that Chloe is almost at maintenance and her life is much safer and she has much more freedom to live without worrying about food harming her.